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OSA Sheriff's Hall of Fame

2023 Hall of Fame Inductee Sheriff Jim Weir of Grady County

  Several requirements must be met to obtain a position within the Sheriff Hall of Fame. Among those requirements are minimum years of service, maintaining safe and secure jurisdiction through […]

The Oklahoma Sheriffs' Hall of Fame is a prestigious group of Sheriff's that have dedicated their life to law enforcement protecting and serving the citizens in Oklahoma and their respective counties.

To be inducted into the Hall of Fame each Sheriff must have been lawfully appointed or elected for a minimum of ten (10) cumulative years within the State or Territory of Oklahoma. They must have provided a high level of service to the Office of Sheriff in Oklahoma through activities of the Oklahoma Sheriffs Association, or a preceding association. The Sheriff must have provided professional law enforcement and maintained a safe and secure county by implementing proactive programs and crime prevention initiatives. The Sheriff must have demonstrated leadership with his/her employees, the law enforcement community, the citizens of the county and the State of Oklahoma. The Sheriff must have demonstrated and maintained the highest degree of character in his/her law enforcement career in conformance with the Law.

Previous Inductees

2022 Hall of Fame Inductee Sheriff Charlie Dougherty of Lincoln County

Lincoln County County

2020 Hall of Fame Inductee Sheriff Michael Booth Pottawatomie County

Pottawatomie County County

2019 Hall of Fame Sheriff R.B. Hauf Payne County

Payne County County

2018 Sheriff Don Hewett Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

McClain County

2017 Sheriff Norman Fisher Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Cherokee County

2016 Sheriff Brice Coleman

Creek County

2016 Sheriff Rudy Briggs, Jr.

Woods County

2016 Sheriff Jimmie Scooter Sheriffs Hall of Fame

Craig County

2014 Sheriff Kenny Stradley Sheriffs’ Hall of Fame

Comanche County

2013 Sheriff Steve Toliver Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Creek County

2012 Sheriff Gary McCool Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Atoka County

2012 Sheriff Stanley Glanz Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Tulsa County

2011 Sheriff Bill Winchester Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Garfield County

2011 Sheriff John Whetsel Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Oklahoma County

2011 Sheriff Lewis Collins Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Choctaw County

2010 Sheriff Charlie Tucker Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Alfalfa County

2009 Sheriff James Hallett Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Nowata County

2008 Sheriff Johnny Philpott Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Sequoyah County

2007 Sheriff DeWayne Beggs Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Cleveland County

2007 Sheriff Carl Hiner Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Payne County

2007 Sheriff Bill Cassingham Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Beaver County

2004 Sheriff Bob Turner Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Oklahoma County

2003 Sheriff Bill Vinzant Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Muskogee County

2003 Sheriff Charles Sisco Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Seminole County

2002 Sheriff Dwight Woodrell Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Pawnee County

2002 Sheriff Bob White Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Cimarron County

2001 Sheriff Butch Hamilton Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Caddo County

2001 Sheriff Bill Alexander Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Stephens County

2001 Sheriff Ron Taylor Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Grady County

2001 Sheriff Dave Faulkner Sheriff’s Hall of Fame

Tulsa County

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