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OSA Overview


About the Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association

The Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association (OSA) is a non-profit association whose mission is to represent the elected Sheriffs in all 77 counties of Oklahoma. Currently, the association has 4,000 active members, which includes Deputies, Detention Officers, Reserve Deputies, and support staff, making it one of the largest law enforcement associations in the state. The association receives no funding from the state and relies solely on the support of its active, honorary, business, and corporate members. The OSA only solicits donations by the U.S. mail to assure that 100% of the donations are used to further the mission and objectives of the OSA.

The Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association was incorporated in its current form in 1991, although the OSA in one way or another has been in existence since statehood. Newspaper accounts, as early as 1910, revealed sheriffs gathered to pass a resolution denouncing the fee and salary act passed by the last session of the 1910 legislature.

The mission of the OSA is to maintain the office of the sheriff through training and education by way of developing laws and policies that promote public safety and providing technical and informational support to assist all sheriffs in delivering effective and quality law enforcement services to the citizens of the State of Oklahoma.

The OSA is registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State as a not-for-profit corporation and is a 501c(3) corporation. All contributions and donations to OSA are tax-deductible.

OSA Mission Statement

Maintain the Office of the Sheriff through training and education; developing laws and policies that promote public safety and; providing technical and informational support to assist the Sheriffs of Oklahoma in providing effective and quality law enforcement services to the citizens of the State of Oklahoma.


Provide training and education information in the fields of law enforcement, crime prevention and detection, jail management, public safety, and civil process to all Oklahoma Sheriffs.

Support the development of laws and policies which focus on the primary responsibility of government – the public safety of its citizens.

Provide information and technical assistance in support of the Sheriffs of Oklahoma to assist them in providing effective and quality law enforcement services to the citizens of Oklahoma.

Encourage the involvement of each Sheriff to work towards promoting professionalism and high standards in county law enforcement.

Promote positive interaction among all criminal justice agencies and associations to increase the effectiveness of law enforcement services to the citizens of Oklahoma and for the betterment of the law enforcement profession.

Provide an objective analysis of planned activities for achieving targeted objectives and assuring proper expenditure of funding.

Maintain and enhance the Office of the Sheriff in the State of Oklahoma.

President’s Message

Harlan Moore

Welcome to the Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association

No greater honor can be bestowed upon an Oklahoma Sheriff than to be sworn in as the President of the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association. I am extremely proud of this organization and the hard work done daily to enhance the daily operations of the office of all Oklahoma elected Sheriffs. The Association provides all Sheriff’s offices with the resources, personal knowledge and training all Sheriffs need to operate their offices.

The OSA remains active inside the walls of the State Capital to insure that legislation related to Oklahoma Sheriffs is vetted to the benefit of all Sheriff’s Office and the people we were elected to serve. Get to know and meet with your State Representatives and Senators, they do want to hear from you.

2019-2020 will be busy with several pieces of legislation that will directly affect the Office of Sheriff, from issues related to Mental Health to Deputy Retirement. As a board of directors overseeing the business of the OSA we can only accomplish our goals with the participation of all Sheriffs their deputies and staff to be successful. Get involved with your regional representatives and fellow board members.

The Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association belongs to all Sheriffs in all 77 Counties. I invite you to reach out to your association whenever you have a need.

God bless, remain safe.

Harlan M. Moore
Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association President
Delaware County Sheriff’s Office

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