Handgun Permit

Oklahoma Self Defense Act

Link to Statutory Reference: Oklahoma Statute 21OS Chapter 53 Section 1290.12

Steps of the Process:

  • Contact Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations at 1-800-207-6724 to request an application or apply online at https://osbi.ok.gov/
  • You will receive your application packet within 5-7 working days.
  • Read the packet and the blue book carefully.
  • Contact a licensed Oklahoma Self Defense Act instructor (from the list provided in the packet) and successfully complete the course.

After completion of the course:

  • Bring the following completed items to Your Local Sheriff
  • Your Completed Application packet Black Ink Only
  • Your two fingerprint cards Black ink Only – filled out to the best of your knowledge
  • The return envelope to O.S.B.I.
  • The supplemental questionnaire
  • Your original training certification sheet
  • One Money Order Payable to Your Local Sheriffs Office for the amount of $25.00 for processing or $35.00 for processing and a photograph.
  • One Money Order Payable to Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations for $100.00

After submitting your application…

After processing of your application, you will receive a letter from OSBI, notifying you that your application has been approved or denied. If you are approved, you may pick up your license at the 1st and Denver office during regular business hours. If you are denied, follow the instructions on your rejection letter.

The O.S.B.I. will issue or deny the application within 90 days after receiving the application.


States that Honor Oklahoma’s Handgun Licenses

The states in blue have honored Oklahoma’s handgun permits, the states in green honor Oklahoma’s permits with “Special Conditions”, and the states in red do not have a reciprocity agreement (at this time) however; each state regulates firearms law differently and there is no obligation for one state to inform another of any changes to its law; therefore, we suggest that you verify this information prior to travel. In an effort to make this process more convenient, links for each of these states have been provided for you to check the status of reciprocity and proper procedure with each state through which you may be traveling prior to your departure.  Click here to see a list of states and their corresponding websites.


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