Grant Notices


Grant Information

If you are aware of any other grant funding that you would like posted, please contact the OSA.  

2021 NCHIP Grant Notice

The NCHIP grant is run through the CJIS Committee and receives all applications for Live Scan Machines.  

2021 Safe Oklahoma Grant

Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General Safe Oklahoma Grant Program In 2012, the Oklahoma Legislature passed HB 3052 creating a grant program within the Attorney General’s office, now known as the Safe Oklahoma Grant Program. The Attorney General is authorized pursuant to 74 O.S. § 20k to “award one or more such competitive grants” to […]

Bureau of Justice Assistance 2019 STOP School Violence Grant Program.

There are two purpose areas for this grant, a sheriff can apply for one or both purpose areas.   Train school personnel and educate students on preventing student violence against others and themselves to include anti-bullying training. This can also include specialized training for school officials to respond to mental health crises.  Up to $500,000 […]

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