Scholarship Program

OSA Scholarship Program

The Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association Scholarship Fund will be established for the purpose of receiving, investing and dispensing of funds to provide college scholarships to qualified students. Applicants, who are committed to pursuing an academic degree at an Oklahoma college or university, can apply for a $750.00 scholarship.

The scholarship fund will be established for the benefit of the members of the association and other qualified individuals. The general qualifications for applicants are: to be an Oklahoma resident, applies to an Oklahoma College or University, and enrolls as a full-time undergraduate student (12 hours) or graduate student (9) hours.

The Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association Scholarship Committee will consist of the following members: (1) one Sheriff and (1) Undersheriff or Chief Deputy (1) one representative from a major Oklahoma college or university, current OSA President and an OSA Director.

Each member shall be appointed for the term of one year to serve at the pleasure of the OSA president. The committee shall recommend the amount and number of scholarships to be awarded annually. The president of the Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association shall serve as chairman of the committee and the executive director of the association shall serve as the secretary. The members of the Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association Scholarship Committee shall serve as a screening committee.

A person who has received a scholarship in a prior year may apply for a renewal of the scholarship for up to a total of three successive years. The Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association Scholarship Committee shall determine the regulations and information required to qualify.

Notification of the available scholarship shall be made by mail to the individual applicant and awarded at the annual conference. Applications will be available through the Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association office and website.

Any person applying for such scholarship shall sign the application form, giving permission to the committee and the association to obtain information from the authorities of the school that the said applicant has previously attended. The information may include, but is not limited to, grade point average, class standing, curriculum of study, extracurricular activities and any evaluation that such authorities may be able to relate to the committee concerning the character and citizenship of the applicant.

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