Phone: (405) 471-6049

Jail Committee

The committee shall review training needs, existing laws and administrative rules pertaining to the operation of county jails. Committee shall also make recommendations on training and amendments to existing rules or laws as appropriate.


  • Jail Administrator Monica Smith McIntosh County (Committee Chairperson)

Chaplains Committee

The committee shall review training needs, recruitment, and standards pertaining to the operation of chaplains in the county jails.

  • Chaplain Weldon Foster Rogers County (Committee Chairperson)
  • Chaplain Don Duncan Oklahoma County (Committee Chairperson)

Legislative Committee

The committee shall recommend creation and or amendments of laws and administrative rules affecting the operations of the office of Sheriff and forward the recommendations to the Board of Directors for consideration.


  • Sheriff Jerry Niles Garfield County (Committee Chairperson)
  • Sheriff Tony Head Atoka County
  • Sheriff Roger LeVick Jackson County
  • Sheriff Dennis Banther Kingfisher County
  • Sheriff Tim Turner Haskell County
  • Executive Director Ray McNair (OSA)

Membership Committee

The committee shall encourage members of their respective staff, all sworn law enforcement personnel, the business community, and citizens who support law enforcement to join the Association.

  • Sheriff Mike Waters (Pawnee County) Committee Chairperson
  • Sheriff Bobby Whittington (Tillman County)
  • Sheriff Chris West (Canadian County)
  • Sheriff Don Hewett (McClain County)
  • Sheriff Jim Weir (Grady County)
  • Sheriff Shane Booth (Ellis County)
  • Sheriff Jerry Niles (Garfield County)
  • Sheriff Clay Sander (Dewey County)
  • Sheriff Shannon Smith (Seminole County)
  • Sheriff Charlie Dougherty (Lincoln County)
  • Sheriff Steve Randolph (Major County)
  • Sheriff Mike Booth (Pottawatomie County)
  • Sheriff Roger LeVick (Jackson County)
  • Sheriff Tony Head (Atoka County)

Training Committee

The committee shall review and establish training’s presented by the OSA throughout the year and during the annual training conference.

  • Sheriff Chris West (Canadian) Committee Chairperson
  • Sheriff Kevin Mitchell Woodward County
  • Sheriff Jeremy Floyd Ottawa County
  • Vice President Ken McNair (OSA)

Budget Oversight Committee

The committee shall review the annual budget and submit to the Board of Directors for approval. The committee shall review the monthly expenditures, shall ensure that all monies received are recorded and deposited in a timely manner.

  • Sheriff Steven Randolph Major County (Committee Chairperson)
  • Sheriff Don Hewett McClain County
  • Sheriff Mike Waters Pawnee County
  • Sheriff RB Hauf Payne County
  • Sheriff Jerry Niles Garfield County
  • Executive Director Ray McNair (OSA)

Bylaws Committee

This committee will be responsible for an annual review of the Oklahoma Sheriffs Association Bylaws. The committee will make any necessary changes and submit to the OSA Board.

  • Sheriff Charlie Dougherty Lincoln County (Committee Chairperson)
  • Sheriff Mike Booth Potawatomie County
  • Sheriff John Christian Pontotoc County
  • Sheriff Charlie Hanger Noble County

Election Committee

The committee will be charged with receiving and verifying the qualifications of those members running for the OSA Board of Directors.

  • Sheriff Joe Lester Cleveland County (Committee Chairperson)
  • Sheriff Chris West Canadian County
  • Sheriff Jim Weir Grady County

Technology Committee

The committee will be charged with reviewing technology that impacts the Sheriffs office to include but not limited to computers, software, and communications.

  • Captain David Baisden Oklahoma County (Committee Chairperson)
  • Captain Kevin Woodward Payne County