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Throughout the year the Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association is asked to appoint representatives to sit on various grant boards and oversight boards. The following is a list of those individuals currently serving as Oklahoma Sheriffs Association representative.

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County Government Legislative Committee

  • Sheriff Damon Devereaux (Logan County)
  • Executive Director Ray McNair (OSA)

County Officers and Deputies Association

  • Sheriff Shannon Smith(Seminole County) President
  • Sheriff Damon Devereaux (Logan County)

Justice Assistance Grant

  • Sheriff Larry Lane (Sequoyah County)

Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Board

  • Ret. Sheriff Scott Jay (Beckham)

Violence Against Women (VAWA) Board

  • Sheriff Mike Booth (Pottawatomie County)

Homeland Security Regional Councils

  • Region 1: Sheriff Roger Reeve (Washita County)
  • Region 2: Sheriff Matt McGuire (Noble County)
  • Region 3: Sheriff Chris Bryant (Carter County)
  • Region 4: Sheriff Larry Lane (Sequoyah County)
  • Region 5: Sheriff Chris Morris (Pittsburg County)
  • Region 6: Sheriff Charlie Dougherty (Lincoln County)
  • Region 7: Sheriff Vic Regalado (Tulsa County)
  • Region 8: Sheriff Tommie Johnson III (Oklahoma County)

Council on Law Enforcement & Education Training Board

  • Sheriff Chris West (Canadian County) 25,000 and above
  • Sheriff Shannon Smith (Seminole County) Counties 25,000 and below

Oklahoma Response to Terrorism Review Panel

  • Sheriff Mike Booth (Pottawatomie County)

Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board

  • Sheriff Mike Booth (Pottawatomie County)

Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial

  • Sheriff Bret Bowling (Creek County)

Amber-Alert Committee

  • Executive Director Ray McNair (OSA)

Oklahoma Task Force On Sexual Violence

  • Inactive Committee

Sheriffs Personnel Task Force

  • Inactive Committee

Governors Transformation Advisory Board

  • Inactive Committee

Gang Intervention Steering Committee

  • Inactive Committee

Oklahoma Youth & Gang Violence Coordinating Council

  • Inactive Committee

Oklahoma State University County Training Program Advisory Board

  • Sheriff Steve Kelley (Kay County)
  • Sheriff Damon Devereaux (Logan County)
  • Sheriff Jason Chennault (Cherokee County)
  • Sheriff Joe Janz (Kiowa County)
  • Sheriff Clay Sander (Dewey County)
  • Executive Director Ray McNair (OSA)

National Forensic Sciences Improvement Task Force

  • Sheriff Chris West (Canadian County)

Criminal Justice Reclassification Council

  • Inactive Committee

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Grant Board

  • Sheriff Damon Devereaux (Logan County)

CJIS Sub-Committee

  • Captain David Baisden (Oklahoma County)
  • Executive Director Ray McNair (OSA)

Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence Taskforce

  • Executive Director Ray McNair (OSA) Designee Chief Deputy Frank Miller (Craig County)

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