2023 Hall of Fame Inductee Sheriff Jim Weir of Grady County

2023 Hall of Fame Inductee Sheriff Jim Weir of Grady County

Posted on: November 16th, 2023   Topic: Hall of Fame OSA News OSA News & Announcements


Several requirements must be met to obtain a position within the Sheriff Hall of Fame. Among those requirements are minimum years of service, maintaining safe and secure jurisdiction through implementation of proactive programs and crime prevention, demonstration of exceptional leadership, and maintaining the highest degree of character in conformance with law enforcement and the Sheriffs’ Association Code of Ethics. This year, we recognize a man who has decades of service to citizens far and wide, Sheriff Jim Weir.

He spent seven years at a young age as a bomb technician while he served in the military, after which moving on to serve in Texas as a municipal officer. Eventually he would be transferred to a unit in Washington D.C. where he worked with local law enforcement and the secret service. Upon returning to Oklahoma, Sheriff Weir began a career with the Oklahoma City Police Department where he spent 25 years, retiring in 2003. Approximately two short years later, he felt his calling had yet to end and joined the Grady County Sheriff’s Office and eventually promoted his way to Undersheriff until 2011. After a brief leave of absence, he heard the call for service once more and in 2012 ran for Sheriff of Grady County, successfully gaining the trust of the citizens he wished to serve.

Upon review of the many recommendations accompanying his nomination, one thing stood strong and consistent throughout: every recommendation reflected his unsurmountable integrity, professionalism, and dedication to those he served. Sheriff Weir transformed the county into something citizens and employees alike could be proud of. He demanded excellence of himself and his employees, never accepting anything less than best effort. He provided leadership and guidance which instilled his deputies with confidence. He strongly believed that if Grady County citizens gave him their trust, they would receive a return on their investment.

Of his many accomplishments as Sheriff, some stand as a beacon reflecting his passion and dedication. Within his tenure, he increased deputy pay by a whopping 20%. He knew that to attract the best, the Sheriff’s Office had to not only create a positive work environment but compensate well. Within the last couple of years alone, he achieved a goal of increasing manpower to the Sheriff’s Office by 30%. He was an integral part in the planning of security upgrades to the courthouse, including the construction of a security vestibule containing a state-of-the-art x-ray machine, metal detector and camera system.

It is mentioned more than once that he is a man of great character, leaving a positive impact wherever he has been. Whether it’s serving his community or by gathering at the local church for fellowship and devotion, he has brought comfort and peace through diligent dedication until his retirement earlier this year.

We are honored and privileged to induct Sheriff Jim Weir of the Grady County Sheriff’s Office into the Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association Sheriff Hall of Fame.

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