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2022 Sheriff of the Year – Sheriff Scott Walton

2022 Sheriff of the Year – Sheriff Scott Walton

Posted on: October 26th, 2022   Topic: OSA News Sheriff of the Year

Sheriff Scott Walton, Rogers County

With more than 40 years of combined law enforcement experience supporting the people of law enforcement, serving the communities of Oklahoma, and protecting the citizens of our state, we are more than pleased to convey the many achievements that make him worthy of such recognition. Known for his outspoken personality, his strong community involvement, his methodical response to controversies, and demonstrating aggressive behavior for disrupting the activity of “career criminals,” this Sheriff also personifies leadership.

Whether it involves exercising extreme measures to suppress crimes, publicly expressing his views on politically incensed situations, or sharing the responsibility of helping to address community health concerns, his actions have played a vital role in addressing this past year’s unique challenges. With an aggressive community-oriented policing plan, his agency has developed one of the premier reserve Deputy programs in the State, and supports an effective mounted patrol unit, search and rescue team, Highway Interdiction Unit and K-9 Corps. In the interest of providing safety, security, and protection for the citizens of Oklahoma, this Sheriff does not recognize county borders as possessing physical barriers or constraints, when it comes to answering requests from his counterparts. His entire law enforcement operation is committed to assisting anyone who needs his agency’s resources.

This Sheriff continues to be a strong advocate for several non-profit activities and organizations. He personally supports his county’s Special Olympics softball team and sits on the board of his county’s youth services organization. Additionally, he serves several roles in community ministries and outreach programs. If we had more time we could go on and on about this Sheriff’s dedication to acquiring the proper funding and resources to provide technology, training and safety to his agency and county. This year alone he has been active in acquiring supplement funding to support his “Stand First” 501(c)(3) charitable organization, whose aim and mission is to benefit troubled members of our public safety agencies. His Undersheriff states, “There is no one more dedicated to the law enforcement profession and their community, or more deserving of being recognized for his many accomplishments and achievements than Sheriff Walton.”


“In my position, I have a unique opportunity to be involved with Sheriff Walton at every level of consideration. As you are aware, these are contentious times on our nation, and even while there have been occasions when the very fiber of our law enforcement profession has been challenged by political interest groups, Sheriff Walton has remained a positive advocate for members of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. He has a reputation for expressing his individual opinions on social and economic matters, which stand to drastically affect the safety and security of our community. His regard for furthering the values of Oklahoma is readily apparent, and no one deserves more credit for personally helping his brothers and sisters in law enforcement. His attention to detail, the manner in which he leads and directs his agency and the encouragement he provides to those he serves are all practices that need to be commended.” Signed District Attorney Matthew Ballard

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