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Retired Membership

Retired Membership


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The Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association (OSA) honors the dedication and service of Sheriffs and Deputies who have retired from their duties but continue to maintain an active interest in law enforcement. Our Retired Membership is specifically designed to acknowledge the contributions of these professionals who have devoted their careers to ensuring the safety and security of their communities.

Membership Composition

Our Retired Members are distinguished individuals who have served diligently in law enforcement and are now enjoying retirement from the county in which they worked. This membership category is exclusively for those who have retired from a sheriff’s office in Oklahoma and are currently receiving county retirement benefits.

Retired Membership Benefits

Retired Members of the OSA are entitled to a range of benefits designed to keep them connected with the law enforcement community and abreast of the latest developments in the field. These benefits include:

Personalized Membership Card: A symbol of your continued commitment to law enforcement and the OSA community.
OSA Window Decal: Show your pride and continued support for the OSA with an official decal.
OSA Committee Opportunities: Get involved with the OSA by joining committees that influence the direction and initiatives of the association.
Discounted Rates to OSA Training Events: Continue your education and stay current with law enforcement trends at a discounted rate.
Invitation to the OSA Annual Training Conference: Engage with current members and peers and participate in valuable learning opportunities.
Subscription to the Oklahoma Sheriff: Receive the latest news, updates, and insights through our official publication.
Retired Membership Qualification and Cost

Eligibility for the OSA Retired Membership is reserved for those who have retired from an Oklahoma sheriff’s office and are recipients of county retirement benefits. The annual membership fee varies depending on the last rank held before retirement, reflecting our recognition of service at all levels within the sheriff’s office:

Additional information

Membership Level

Sheriff, Undersheriff, Chief Deputy, Deputy

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