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Mental Health Wait Times Updated with 2022 Results

Mental Health Wait Times Updated with 2022 Results

Posted on: August 9th, 2021   Topic: Sheriff Surveys

Have you been experiencing longer than normal wait times get a bed in Vinita? I have been told that they 6 months out on having a bed. If you have this happening please reply and let me know your wait times.

Logan County: Yes, you are looking at 4-6 months before a bed becomes available.

McClain County: We had to wait almost 5 months the last one we had.


Payne County: We have one we just took to Vinita which waited 7 months.  We have one waiting since February and another since first of April.

Pushmataha County: Wish it was it was 6 months more like 8 months to a year.

Washington County: If you’re referring to Oklahoma Forensics Center, yes we have had long waits for evaluations and placements. Our waits have typically been anywhere from 45 to 90 days. On occasion they have helped accelerate particularly problematic inmates.

Craig County: I am the proud Sheriff that gets to brag about having that facility in my county.  They are about 220 beds and are supposed to be expanding.  We have the same long waiting periods and they have increased in the last year of two.  I have spoken to the director and she has explained to me that they are slammed.  We are around 90 days getting inmates out there.  If I can be of assistance just give me a call.

Major County: We waited at least 6 months for a bed, and at the beginning of the wait were told we were 21st, at the bottom of a waitlist.

Creek County: Ours has been around three months.

Coal County: we have not been having any problems with Vinita but we rarely have to take anyone up there.

Canadian County: Our experience is having to wait anywhere from three to six months. We currently have four pending the oldest is two months.

Pittsburg County: Yes sir! I had to hold a guy at least 6 months. Once we got the order they told us we were number 55 on the waiting list. The guy was obviously mental and did not Need to be in jail, but he sat there over 6 months locked up, using the bathroom all over his cell.

Cotton County: Yes, We have  months.  Has anyone else had problems with Lexington long waits.

Caddo County: We have 6 waiting for Vinita 3 have dates to go in the next 30 to 60 day’s and one has been waiting 6 months

Hughes County: All of our waits are at least that long. When we have someone going, we usually start calling to see where we are in line so we can adjust court dates.

Kiowa County: Our wait time for Vinita is a minimum of 3 months and as long as 5-6 months. If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.

Beckham County: For as long as I’ve been here, we’ve always had a long wait for a bed. The wait for the last one we had was issued on February 23 and was transported June 1.

Kingfisher County: The waits can be even longer than 6 months.  It is my understanding that Vinita has 75 beds available for 77 counties.  Once we have an order for Psychiatric Evaluation several processes can be put into play.  One is, we will transport the inmate to Vinita and wait there throughout the day until they complete their assessment.  Then we transport the inmate directly back to our facility.  The second is to leave the inmate, which can be for a short term visit or several months. The State has failed to adequately staff Mental Health with enough bed space to handle incarcerated individuals.  It’s a promise made yearly and never fulfilled.


Nowata County: I have one waiting for a bed. He has been waiting 6.5 months for a bed.

Alfalfa County: One waiting 6 months

Noble County: One but should be about 10 Since Sentenced I Believe 45 days but has been in custody approximately a year.

Hughes County: One since May and he is 126 on the list.

Kay County: Currently we have 5 deemed incompetent and awaiting a bed. One has been waiting 368 days, one 263 days, one 199 days, one 347 days, and one 28 days.

Muskogee County:  We have two, one has been 482 days and the other 389 days

McClain County: We have two waiting beds one 165 days,  and the other 135 days

Canadian County: We have 3 waiting one 171 days, one 173 days, and the other 102 days

Lincoln County: We have 1 waiting sitting for 294 days

Kingfisher County:  We have 1 currently. We went form #146 to #100 on the waitlist as of 10/31/22







The question to be asked is after the Judge’s order does holding them utilizing county funds violate Article 10 of the constitution?




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