In God We Trust

In God We Trust

Posted on: November 23rd, 2015   Topic: OSA News

Recently during an OSA Board meeting the board of Directors voted to support the national motto “In God We Trust” by displaying it on patrol cars. As many of you have seen Sheriffs across the country are adding this motto to their vehicles. Recently, our neighbors in Missouri posted it in over 100 city halls and county courthouses. Several Sheriffs, Police Departments and the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association have also endorsed the use of the motto.

It has never been held to be unconstitutional to display these words, which is in fact recognized by federal statute. It is on all coins and dollar bills. It has nothing to do with advancing a particular religion. It has everything to do with American history, tradition and our culture.

We encourage Oklahoma Sheriffs to seek their District Attorneys opinion before attaching the motto to their patrol vehicles and if you choose to display the motto the OSA would like for you to send pictures of those vehicles.

The following link gives you a brief history of the national motto: “In God We Trust”



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