February Board Minutes 2022

February Board Minutes 2022

Posted on: May 18th, 2022   Topic: Board Minutes
Board Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2022

Embassy Suites Norman, OK

10:00 A.M.



Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President West.


Flag Salute/ Invocation: Sheriff Devereaux

Roll Call The roll was called with the following members present West, Turner, Devereaux, Smith, Christian, Kelley, Weir, Bryant,


Approval of Minutes:  Motion passed. Unidentified Motion and Second


Introduction of Guests: Sheriff Elliott, Sheriff Morris, Mike Waters


Guest Speaker: None


Agenda Items:


Sheriffs Picnic: Director McNair presented Frontier City as an option for the Sheriffs Picnic. It was discussed and decided to go back and see what dates St. Crispin’s had available.


 Conference 2022: Director McNair presented the proposal from the Reed Center for the 2022 annual conference. The week of October 3th  thru the 7th is the dates. Motion made by Sheriff Bryant Second by Sheriff Devereaux. Motion Passed


Letter to Governor on Consolidation: A joint letter was presented in opposition to the proposed legislation for consolidation. Maxwell asked that we give him an opportunity to take it to legislative leaders to discuss first. Motion to hold letter by Sheriff Bryant Second by Kelley Motion Passed.


Amicus Brief Castro-Huerta Case: The District Attorneys Association asked the Sheriffs Association to join in filing an Amicus Brief on the Castro-Heureta case. The requested amount is $2,000.00. Motion made by Sheriff Smith Second by Sheriff Bryant. Motion Passed



Discussion Items

  • NONE

Executive Session

  • NONE


Old Business

  • NONE


New Business

  • OMMA: Sheriff Turner provided the board information about a reoccurring program with OMMA that would set aside 5 million in grant money for Sheriff’s. This would assist OMMA with regulation on grow operations.
  • CLEO Bill: The CLEO bill that was backed by OK2A has come under some issues at the capitol. It was discussed and decided that the OSA officially come out and back HB3102 and 3906. Motion by Bryant and Second by Devereaux Motion Passed


Secretary/Treasurer Report:

  • NONE


Regional Chairman Report:

  • North Central Region: They had 50 in attendance and Vance Motors sponsored. Cancelling next meeting
  • Southeast Region: Had to cancel due to COVID outbreak. No, meeting next month
  • South Central Region: Held in Cleveland County Randy Wesley and Jason Williams from Light Horse were in attendance. Next meeting Punkins in Garvin County
  • Northwest Region: Meeting held at Roman Nose general discussion
  • Southwest Region: Meting held at Golden Corral. Next meeting at same location
  • Northeast Region: Meeting at Freddie’s in Sapulpa large attendance had a special guest speaker Ret TPD Officer Dave Walker.



  • Sheriff Bryant motioned to adjourn meeting; Sheriff ?? seconded. Motion Passed.


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