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Civilian Employee Pay Scale

Civilian Employee Pay Scale

Posted on: February 24th, 2020   Topic: Sheriff Surveys

Beaver County

pay dispatch 2240.00 month and comp time for overtime

Canadian County

Annual/Benefit (STEP 1 $55,363.00) – $37,664.00/yr $3,138.00/month $18.11/hour $1,569.00/pay period
Annual/Benefit (STEP 2 $57,356.00) – $39,288.00/yr $3,274.00/month $18.89/hour $1,637.00/pay period
Annual/Benefit (STEP 3 $60,299.00) – $41,688.00/yr $3,474.00/month $20.04/hour $1,737.00/pay period

Annual/Benefit (STEP 1 $55,852.00) – $38,062.00/yr $3,172.00/month $18.30/hour $1,586.00/pay period
Annual/Benefit (STEP 2 $58,055.00) – $39,859.00/yr $3,322.00/month $19.16/hour $1,661.00/pay period
Annual/Benefit (STEP 3 $63,860.00) – $44,592.00/yr $3,716.00/month $21.44/hour $1,858.00/pay period

Cotton County

Before taxes $1857.00 that includes Jailers, Dispatch, etc. OLETS TAC officer, Lead Dispatcher is paid 100.00 extra

Craig County

Office supervisor $2,550.00
Office Staff $2,400.00

Custer County

Dispatcher – $2,892.95 per month
Dispatcher Supervisor – $2,999.36 per month
Records Clerk/Admin Asst – $2,948.61 per month

Delaware County

Dispatchers $1,800.00
Clerks $1,800.00-$1,900.00

Dewey County

Dispatcher Starting is $35,904.00, After 1 year $36,960.00
Dispatcher Supervisor $39,600.00
Chief Admin Clerk $44,880.00

Grady County

Dispatcher $2400 a month and they get a $100 dollar a month raise as soon as they complete training and OLETS certification.
Records Clerk started out at $1673 a month in 2004. Today she is making $ 3534 a month after 15 years of service.

Harper County

$10 – $12 an hour

Johnston County

Dispatchers, jailers and secretaries are all paid a monthly salary of $2100. The county also pays health insurance premiums for the employee only.

Lincoln County

Dispatcher two and they both make $ 28,800

Roger Mills

Dispatcher/Jailer $43,976.60
Records Clerk/Secretary $46,552.57

Seminole County

records clerk $2250.00 monthly plus benefits

Woodward County

Dispatcher – $34.490.28 per year. Breaks down to 16.58/hr.
Admin Asst – $39,745.27 per year



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