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2018 Sheriff of the Year

2018 Sheriff of the Year

Posted on: August 23rd, 2018   Topic: OSA News



The annual Sheriff of the Year award is presented to a Sheriff for outstanding contributions to his/her office, county, state, or nation.  On August 10th, 2018, the Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association was proud to award Logan County Sheriff Damon Devereaux with the 2018 Sheriff of the Year award at our Annual Awards Banquet.

Sheriff Devereaux brings 27 years of law enforcement to the Sheriff’s Office, having served as Officer and then Chief of Police in a neighboring city.  He brought a new era of professionalism, diligence and cooperation between all law enforcement agencies in the County.

As Judge Robert Hudson of the Court of Criminal Appeals writes:  “As a career prosecutor and now Judge, I have certainly worked with my share of Sheriffs over the years.  And, unfortunately, have even had the occasion to prosecute one, hence my experience and understanding of what it takes to be a good Sheriff.  Sheriff Devereaux “gets it.”  He understands the importance of enforcing the law and providing security and safety for the public, while at the same time being a compassionate and caring ambassador for law enforcement.  This is a hard balance to achieve, but he has done just that—brought competent and caring law enforcement to the citizens of the County.”

When he was sworn into office, he offered his knowledge, experience and guidance to every employee who stayed at the office.  He increased staff from the Detention Center to Patrol.

As his Undersheriff writes:  “The office atmosphere has changed for the better, increasing morale, work productivity and spirituality.  We often say that nothing has changed within the Office so it must be the Coach!!  We are truly blessed to have him as our Coach.  April 18, 2017 was one of the most horrific days of our lives, losing Deputy David Wade only a short time after losing Deputy Jason Wright.  If it had not been for his leadership and caring mindset, I am not sure that we could have made it.  He was in the trenches with all of us and available to address everyone’s needs.”

His staff says that he is a great leader and a role model to many and they look forward to working for him for many more terms.  He has set mission and goals and shows where the end zone is.

Guthrie Superintendent Mike Simpson writes:  “Sheriff Devereaux has the unwavering support of the citizens of the county and the employees in his office and my recommendation.  He is there for us in good times and difficult times with a compassionate heart of servant leadership”.

Sheriff Devereaux truly exemplifies service and commitment to his county, state, and country in every action.



Sheriff – Logan County – Sheriff Damon Devereaux Video

Sheriff Damon Deveraux shares with us the day that Deputy Sheriff David James Wade was killed in the line of duty from gunfire while serving an eviction notice.



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