2017 Ladies’ Brunch

2017 Ladies’ Brunch

Posted on: August 18th, 2017   Topic: OSA News

On August 11th, 2017, the Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association hosted a brunch event for Sheriff’s Office employees’ spouses and the women of the Sheriff’s Offices.  The event is an opportunity for fellowship and friendship as spouses and women of the Sheriff’s Offices from across the state interact and get to know one another.  This year, Sheriff Margarett Parman (Ret.) of Blaine County hosted our attendees and spoke of her own experiences in the Sheriff’s Office and the benefits of staying connected among counties.  Door prizes were given away and each attendee left with a gift.  However, Sheriff Parman (Ret.) walked away with the grand prize of a topaz ring, donated by Grady County Sheriff’s Office.





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