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Funding Opportunity

PREA Targeted Implementation Planning & Support Program

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance, through the non-profit organization Impact Justice, is making federal funds* in the amount of $20,000 Р$200,000 available to small and medium jails, juvenile facilities, community confinement facilities, lockups, and tribal facilities to fund their PREA implementation efforts.

This new federal funding opportunity, the PREA Targeted Implementation Planning and Support Program (PREA TIPS), is tailored for smaller, local agencies.

PREA TIPS will have a quick and easy application process and targeted project design and implementation support for smaller facilities and agencies. This money is available whether you are beginning on the road to PREA compliance or have already had a PREA audit.
Please visit the PREA TIPS page for more information on this funding opportunity. The online application will be available on the PREA TIPS page in spring 2019.