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Sheriffs desiring to enhance the service provided to our citizens organized the Oklahoma Sheriffs' Association in early statehood. The Oklahoma Sheriffs' Association's primary goal is to support the efforts of Oklahoma's 77 Sheriffs. The OSA is a non-profit association registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State as a 501 (c)(3) corporation under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules. The association has five classifications of membership: Active, Associate, Honorary, Business and Corporate.

In its efforts to solicit memberships, the OSA does not utilize any telemarketing. If you should receive a phone call from an organization representing the OSA, contact your local Sheriff or the OSA. Furthermore, we respect the privacy of our members and we do not sell, rent or exchange our membership list.

Active Membership

Active members are comprised of Sheriffs and staff throughout the state. As voting members, our active membership helps direct the activities and efforts of the OSA by electing its governing body and voting on important issues at the Annual Conference.

Membership dues are paid in January of each year. Dues are based on county population and include payment for the Sheriff, Undersheriff, Deputy, Jail Administrator, Detention Officers, Reserve Deputy, Chaplains and Clerical Support. Invoices for Active Memberships are mailed from the OSA office in December of the previous year and are due by January 31st.

Retired Sheriff & Deputy Membership

Members are comprised of Sheriffs and Deputies which retired from their duties while still active in law enforcement and are drawing a retirement from the county in which they worked.


Associate Membership

Associate members consist of individuals actively engaged in law enforcement, the legal process, or provides services to the law enforcement or legal community. This membership is extended to all County Trust Facilities in Oklahoma. These trust facilities are assessed dues at 1/2 of the Sheriffs dues for that county. The Associate members will be non voting members of the corporation and the application will be approved by the Board of Directors.


Honorary Membership

Honorary members are citizens who choose to support the OSA through financial contributions. The OSA receives the majority of its annual support from our citizens in all areas of Oklahoma participating in the Honorary Membership program. Through the support of the Honorary members' contributions, the OSA is able to provide training, grant writing assistance, crime prevention programs, county government assistance and support on legislative issues to all of the Sheriffs across the state.


Business Membership

Business members are businesses that choose to support the OSA and their local Sheriff through financial contributions. Much like the Honorary Membership, a great deal of the OSA's support is made up by the business community and the financial contributions are used in the same manner to support all the Sheriff's across Oklahoma.


Corporate Sponsors

These are companies that support the Oklahoma Sheriffs' Association through financial contributions. Each of these corporate sponsors are supporters of the mission and objectives of the Oklahoma Sheriffs' Association and the Sheriff's of Oklahoma.



If you have any questions regarding the OSA Memberships contact Ray McNair by e-mail or by phone at (405) 471-6049.