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Jail Administrator – Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority


Jail Administrator – Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority

Posted on: September 10th, 2019   Topic: Employment Opportunities

Position: Jail Administrator

Posted: 9/10/2019

Salary: Annual Salary: $100,000 to $140,000

Posted Description:

The Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority (“Authority”), an Oklahoma public trust created in the spring of 2019 for the purpose of operating the Oklahoma County Detention Center (“Detention Center”) located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, intends to assume operation of the Detention Center in early 2020.

The Authority is seeking a dynamic and experienced professional to serve as the Jail Administrator for the Detention Center and the Authority (“Jail Administrator”), which will be the first Jail Administrator of the Authority.

The candidate should possess a unique blend of experience, visionary leadership, technical competence, and superior communications skills to spearhead strategic planning and drive bottom-line results. The person selected must have a strong commitment to the creation of a culture that promotes the welfare of Detention Center employees and the humane and compassionate treatment of Detention Center inmates.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Will include but are not limited to the following:

* Serving as Chief Executive Officer of the Authority.

* Day-to-day operations of the Detention Center, including but not limited to management of staff, security and emergency response, administrative services, and inmate programs and treatment to enhance rehabilitation and reintegration.

* Overall operations of the Detention Center and all related activities, to include security, food service, and maintenance.
* Coordination and oversight activities for administrative services including the collection of documentation to respond to legal and public information queries and for daily problem-solving.

* Development, implementation, and management of staff utilization and allocation, including posts and positions, and creation of staffing and workforce effectiveness plans.
* Responsibility for the fiscal status of the operation of the Detention Center; planning and preparing the annual budget, analyzing costs and benefits of different levels of programs and overtime management; tracking and reporting inmate care and concerns, grievances, and quality of life issues.
* Coordination and implementation of training for uniformed and civilian employees, security incidents and emergency security programs and policies.
* Ensuring compliance and adherence to policies, rules, and regulations including the application of local, state and federal laws.
* Administration, auditing and evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of contracted services.
* Performance of public relations tasks, including community and citizen involvement, and responsibility for communications with outside agencies, including the United States Department of Justice.
* Utilization of specialized computer systems to prepare data for program evaluation, and use of information and data to plan, organize and implement program changes for the Detention Center as required.

Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities:

* Knowledge of best principles and practices of business management, public administration, budget formulation and execution, and personnel and human resources management.
* Knowledge of effective, safe and secure jail administration management and operations practices, evidence-based programs, and effective treatment, and pertinent federal, state, and local laws, codes, and policies.
* Skill in effective communication to establish and maintain effective working relationships both within and outside the organization.
* Ability to conduct complex analytical studies of Detention Center and Authority operations and functions through a wide variety of specialized computer systems; and, preparation of data for program evaluation that results in data-driven decision making and development of plans of action to solve problems.
* Ability to make verbal and written presentations in a clear and concise manner.
* Ability to plan and organize workforce and financial resources to bring about the effective and efficient operation of the Detention Center.
* Ability to create a culture that promotes the welfare of Detention Center employees and the humane and compassionate treatment of Detention Center inmates.
* Ability to assist the Authority in the development and evaluation of alternative plans for modified and/or new Detention Center facilities, to include ancillary facilities, and implementation of plans for such facilities that may be approved by the Authority in the future.

General Information:

Applications should be sent to the following email address:
or, maybe delivered to:
Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority
c/o John Michael Williams, General Counsel
522 Colcord Drive
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102-2202

Application Process:

For consideration, please submit a complete application packet including all documents listed below by 5:00 PM on October 10, 2019:
* Current resume or curricula vitae.
* Letter of interest.
* Contact information for five current references.
* A two-page essay explaining why you are the best candidate for this job, addressing your management philosophy, a vision for our Detention Center, and your key professional accomplishments.
Note: The successful applicant must satisfy all requirements of state and federal law.

Equal Employment Opportunity Environment and Commitment to Workforce Diversity:

The Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to the creation of a diverse workplace, free of discrimination, reflecting the diversity of our community, which will allow us to best respond to the needs of all persons we serve in an effective and culturally sensitive manner.

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