2021 Safe Oklahoma Grant


2021 Safe Oklahoma Grant

Posted on: July 14th, 2020   Topic: Grants

Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General Safe Oklahoma Grant Program In 2012, the Oklahoma Legislature passed HB 3052 creating a grant program within the Attorney General’s office, now known as the Safe Oklahoma Grant Program. The Attorney General is authorized pursuant to 74 O.S. § 20k to “award one or more such competitive grants” to eligible applicants. Specifically, monies will be directed toward strategies that assist in reducing and preventing violent crime. I. AVAILABLE FUNDSAppropriations made available through legislation provide a funding stream that, according to law, will be made fully available on at the end of each fiscal year. Funds made available through the Safe Oklahoma Grant Program shall be used to supplement, and not supplant, other federal, state, and local funds expended to carry out activities relating to daily law enforcement duties. Grant funds are to be used to enhance the budget of the law enforcement agency, not replace any appropriated funds from the local authority. II. PURPOSE AREATo be eligible for a Safe Oklahoma Grant, local law enforcement agencies shall submit proposals to the Office of the Attorney General that focus on decreasing violent crime within their jurisdiction through one of the following priority strategies found at 74 O.S. § 20k(B)(1)-(5), as listed below:
1.Focusing on intervention and enforcement through the use of increased staffing resources with overtime funds to target violent crime with evidence-driven approaches. Policing initiatives may include directed patrols, “hot spot” policing, intelligence-led policing, or youth and gang violence interventions [funds cannot be used for new hires or regular salary and benefits];2.Increasing technological capacity to support intervention and enforcement with the purchase of technology for crime prevention and criminal justice problem solving. Technology shall include, but not be limited to, crime-mapping software, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology and smart phone tools;3.Enhancing analytical capacity through the development or expansion of analytical capabilities that focus on crime mapping, analysis of crime trends and developing data-driven strategies that focus on violent crime reduction through the employment of civilian crime analysts;4.Engaging with community partners in order to develop partnerships and projects that focus on preventing violent crime in the community. Community partners may include, but are not limited to, public and private service providers, the courts, and probation and parole services. Projects shall include, but are not limited to, programs that focus on drug enforcement efforts, youth violent crime, gang violence, and offender recidivism; and5.Increasing direct services to crime victims through local law enforcement efforts which shall include, but not be limited to, addressing gaps in crime victims’ services by enhancing accessibility to services, increasing awareness of victimization and partnering with local community providers to improve supports and services to victims of crime.
2021 Safe Oklahoma Grant Program Application
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III. ELIGIBLE APPLICANTSAwards will be made to local law enforcement agencies across Oklahoma including police and sheriffs’ departments. Cities or counties must be the legal applicant and recipient of funds on behalf of police and sheriff departments. It will be necessary to have an authorized official sign the grant application. IV. REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL APPLICANTSAll applicants must submit a completed grant application, signed by the authorized official (i.e. the person who is authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the city or county). Applicants MUST include in their application the violent crime rate1 for the previous five years (2015-2019). When applying for the grant, law enforcement agencies must consider evidence-based techniques that will produce tangible results in their jurisdiction. V. GRANT PERIODFunds for projects receiving approval will be dispersed upon the Attorney General’s Office receipt of an invoice from the agency receiving the funds. The term of the grant is for one year, beginning on the date the awarded agency receives the funding. Continued funding is not guaranteed.VI. PRIMARY FUNDING CRITERIAThe Office of Attorney General will consider the following factors when awarding funds through the Safe Oklahoma Grant Program:- Overall quality of the grant application- Demonstration of need (violent crime reduction is top priority- High historical violent crime ratesVII. APPLICATION PROCESS / DEADLINEApplicants should describe the problem and indicate how the Safe Oklahoma Grant Program funds will be used to address the reduction of violent crime (attach additional sheets if necessary). Each item requested must be prioritized on the Purpose Area Prioritization Schedule. Equipment and/or technology requests must include a detailed description including the brand name and cost estimate for each item. Personnel requests must be specific and detail exactly how the monies will be spent. The completed application must be EMAILED no later than Friday, August 7, 2020. Late or incomplete applications will be returned to the project director, and only those applications that are received by the deadline will be considered. EMAIL completed applications to Marie Schuble, Assistant Attorney General: Marie.Schuble@oag.ok.govVIII. GRANT REVIEW / AWARD PROCESSFunds will be awarded based on a city or county’s plans for evidence-based practices and deployment tactics, neighborhood targeting, community partnerships, etc. Factors such as violent crime rate, usage of grant funds, demonstration of need, and overall quality of the application will be considered in selecting the grant recipients.

2021 Safe OK Grant Application – Fillable Form

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